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  • Who Are The Kenites?
    Who Are The Kenites?

    Pastor Ben Heath, Dave, and Don discuss what a “Kenite” is and why it’s important to know about them. Kenite = Son’s of Cain

  • War In Heaven (Revelation 12 B)
    War In Heaven (Revelation 12 B)

    Many believe that Satan is in hell today torturing people with a pitchfork, however that’s not the case. Satan is up in heaven engaged in a war against Michael and

  • Woman vs. The Dragon (Revelation 12 A)
    Woman vs. The Dragon (Revelation 12 A)

    The 12th Chapter of Revelation gives a detailed description of Two Kingdoms and the war they are engaged in. The amazing thing about this is that the war between these

  • Was Satan Cain’s Biological Father?
    Was Satan Cain’s Biological Father?

    If you just read Genesis 4 in the English Translations without finding additional witnesses it appears as though Cain was Adam’s son. But in this video Pastor Ben Heath, Dave,

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